Our Numbers

45,000 job orders printed every year

23,000  total square metres available.

15,000  kilos of capacity for our truck.

5,000  accesses of external people every year.

2,500  annual deliveries.

1980  The foundation year.

1,500 kilos of capacity for our vans.

1,400 square metres of solar panels.

200 I Kw/h produced by our photovoltaic system.

100  employees.

80  internal phone numbers we answer to.

40  national flags we own.

30  The percentage of energy ensured by our photovoltaic system.

24  the years of service of our most longeval collaborator.

15  IT servers in our machine room.

10 biometrical readers for the access to the company areas.

prefabricated buildings united and organised as a canteen area.

production plants.

plants in Quinzano di Sumirago, in the Varese province.

flags displayed at the entrance: Italy, European Union and the nation that is paying a visit.

2 table-footballs in the refectory area

1 plant in the Bergamo province.