Special Piping Components

LATERAL TEE is a forged fitting used for splitting and changing flow direction of run pipe of 45° deg.
It is available in two categories:

  • EQUAL if header and branch pipe have the same size
  • REDUCED if header and branch pipe have the different size

LATERAL TEE can be manufactured with butt-weld extremities, socket extremities or threaded extremities.

Dimensions of LATERAL TEE are in accordance with VIAR’s standard.
Flow TEE is a butt weld forged fitting used in pigging lines in order to prevent the passing through branch pipe of the pig cleaner using an integral inner sleeve. Flow holes in the sleeve and the annular cavity provide a flow area at least equal to the flow area of the branch line
STUDDED TEE is a fitting with integral flange design in accordance with API 6A.
It is a combination between two pipelines which extremities are flanged (i.e. SAE flange and a ASME B16.5 flange), clamped or less commonly beveled. The spool is composed by a relatively short pipe which extremities match the extremities of pipeline on which the spool is installed. The integral spool does not have any welding.