Years to remember

At the end of the year, John Lennon is killed with four bullets. A sublime poet that will be remembered forever. At the beginning of the year Piersanti Mattarella, the President of the region of Sicily, is killed with two bullets. We Italians will also hear about his brother, Sergio, now President of the Republic. Almost for a dare, CNN starts broadcasting and it is said to have become famous.
Another great man, named Alfred Joseph Hitchcock goes to heaven. Practically the best. Peppino De Filippo follows. Practically the best, part two. Led Zeppelin split and the land of Irpinia collapses due to an earthquake, a bad affair still unsolved. In Italy, this is the period of mass murders: the railway station of Bologna blows up as well as the I-TIGI, the registration code of an Itavia DC-9. It was flying to Palermo and it disappeared at Ustica. A bad affair still unsolved.

In Japan, Pakkuman is created, which will enter the Hall of Fame as Pac-Man. Billion of cherries eaten, without indigestion, as many ghosts cheated. The Rubik cube, designed in1974 by the Hungarian sculptor Ernö Rubik, is launched on the market. The possible or impossible combinations are said to be There is just one solution.
Jimmy Carter decides the first Olympic boycott ever, in Moscow. The cause? The invasion of Afghanistan by The Soviet Union. Tensions called Cold War. In New York Christina Aguilera was born. She will sell fifty million records. In Porto Alegre Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, also known to posterity and stadiums as Ronaldinho, was born. In Milan Francesca Schiavone was born, the first Italian woman to win a Grand Slam singles . Roland Garros. In Poland Solidarnosc was founded: do you remember Lech Walesa? The beginning of the new Eastern Europe.
In France La Boum is in the theatres: a comedy for young people, it will not last. Why, of course, ask Sophie Marceau. Apocalypse Now wins two Academy Awards, Kramer vs Kramer five. Germany, still the western part, wins the European Football Championship.

It was 1980: in corso XX Settembre, in Busto Arsizio in the north of the industrious Lombardia, Aristide Franzosi and Vittoriano Carta started a company called Viar. Vittoriano and Aristide, precisely. In 1980 Viar consisted in two people and no manufacturing, as it started as a business intermediary. In our small way, starting from corso XX Settembre in Busto Arsizio, an ordinary year, 1980, turned into an extraordinary one. Ordinary for the others, not for us.

Life goes on. Everybody’s life. For example, when Italy wins the Mundial in Spain, it obtains the third stars and it will have to wait 2006 for the fourth. Paolo Rossi, Pablito goleador, wins the Golden Ball award. In the South Atlantic the Falklands war starts and ends. Ingrid Bergman passes away. Isabella Rossellini’s mother rests in the sea of Sweden, while the life of Grace Kelly is cut short by a car accident. The Prefect of Palermo, Alberto Dalla Chiesa dies: again those bullets that should not exist. On Tv Supercar is broadcast for the first time, CDs are sold in stores and Rambo is in the theatres. The Space Shuttle establishes as a true orbital ferry.

It was 1982 and Viar leaves the office in Busto to move to Cassano Magnago. It becomes a company employing 5 people and, above all, it manufactures the first forged fitting of its history: we wonder what it was. Bob Dylan would sing “the answer is blowin’ in the wind”. For sure this first item still accompanies us in our present activity, ideally or not.

Another chapter, another great leap forward. Facebook, the predominant Facebook, invading reality with its load of unreality: it revolutionises the social networks, the 19-year-old Mark Zuckerberg becomes universally known and universally rich. Indonesia faces the tsunami. The Olympic Games come back to Athens after the first edition 108 years before, hosted in this same country in 1896. A homage to Apollo with a bit of guilty delay. Many immortals as for talent and imagination pass away: Marlon Brando, Nino Manfredi, Ray Charles, Renata Tebaldi. Also Yasser Arafat dies, now and forever a revolutionary, with the sword and the dove. Marco Pantani dies, a life to the full and a devastating end.
It was 2004, Viar is no longer in Cassano Magnago, nor in Cavaria where it just passed, nor in the first headquarters in the Sumirago municipality. In 2004 we arrive in Via del Saliccio in Quinzago, a fraction of Sumirago. In a small plain surrounded by woods, a bucolic scenery, the first half of what is still our main plant is opened. Run by Aristide Franzosi and his sons Davide and Luca.

Today, in 2015, via del Saliccio is half occupied by our technology and our work. In 2012 our first plant more than doubles its surface. Just opposite, over the years 3, other plants have been built taking the number to 4, 5 if we include our production site in the Bergamo province. New spaces for new features for a continuous growth.
We were five people when the first fitting was forged, now we employ over 100 people. As a total, our company consists in 16 thousand square metres with 14000 solar panels. From photovoltaic, from our sun, Viar manages to obtain nearly a third of its energy needs. Aristide Franzosi passed away in the first days of 2014, and now his legacy is with Davide and Luca: the continuity of Viar essence and of the province of Varese that took roots in the world.