We are particularly proud to be renowned as a reliable and dynamic partner in design, manufacture and supply of outlet fittings, special flanges, connectors and special forged pieces.

Since 1980, the foundation year, concreteness has always guided our company life. Solidity, competence and reliability are our technical and cultural legacy: we serve the energy sector, offering a wide range of competences and certifications. We collaborate to the most important projects throughout the world: both for onshore and offshore installations. The experience that we have acquired over decades in mechanics and in the working of products, has given the drive needed to reach a leading international role.

After the initial phase, dedicated to the specialization in the standard measures, Viar engineering department is now able to meet any request from the market. We have never stopped being a growing company both in the development of ideas and in the courage to apply them. Franzosi Senior, Aristide, Davide and Luca’s father, taught us two golden rules that are and will always be valid: continuous and serious commitment to obtain the maximum quality in every product, combined to a first class service for the client. For example, the capacity to supply any type of packaging for the protection of goods during the transfer to production sites.

Aristide Franzosi

Founder and Historical President

Viar’s founder, he has acquired an overall experience during years in the manufacturing of standard forgings as well as special pieces.

Having created the company, deeply knows all the different stages concerning the factory’s management and production; following attentively the whole manufacturing process from the raw material to a finished product, he is the reference point for whatever concerns any peculiar aspect of production.

Endowed with a great innovation spirit, he inspires daily the atmosphere of constant improvement, a feature so typical for him.

The growth of the company has occurred contemporaneously with the increasing experience now handed on to his sons, and this is the best guarantee of continuity. A professional attitude and competence, as a tradition, is the key to Viar Meccanica’s success.

Luca Franzosi

General manager

Fundamental reference for the whole commercial area, he represents the part of the company dealing with the market and its constant changes.

Following customers all over the world, he has acquired a complete and professional attitude and skills in management from the first commercial approach to reaching a complete satisfaction of the final customer by offering the best quality and excellent service.

Since ever has paid particular attention to all market developments, updating day by day , he has acquired a highly ductile attitude towards all market operators, understanding different realities and arranging in advance all the commercial and marketing area to always make VIAR products the most competitive.

Davide Franzosi

Managing Director

Follows with particular attention whatever concerns any technical and productive aspect of VIAR , fundamental reference of the technical area, cooperating with our customers following the whole production cycle from the design stage to a finished product.

He is the first person to whom refer to during the different stages of design, so important nowadays, very careful about the development of the know-how and engineering as well as the certification and the quality of our products.

Aware of the importance of approvals in force on the market , updates the company constantly with the latest technical innovations so that the quality standard of VIAR is certificated on daily basis by the most qualified and the best organisations of this specific field.