VIAR S.P.A. is a manufacturer of SubSea components, such as Barred Tees, Forged Pipes, Anchor Flanges, Compact Flanges, Hanger Flanges, Swivel Ring Flanges, Hubs, Doors, Test Rings, J-Lay Collars, Buckle Arrestors and Piggable Wyes.
All item can be produced in a large range of materials:

A694 F60
A694 F65
A694 F70
A182 F51
A182 F53
A182 F55

Other materials are avaible, whether requested. Cladded materials is also avaible.

VIAR S.P.A. is able to perform finite element analysis, in accordance with ASME VIII, European Standards. VIAR S.P.A. takes care of all the production phases, starting from the design and calculations up to the final testing.